Who’s That Scientist? – Cartoon Picture Quiz

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30 Responses to “Who’s That Scientist? – Cartoon Picture Quiz”

  1. Darek says:

    1. Sokrates
    2. Newton
    3. Marie Skłodowska-Curie
    4. Charles Darwin
    14. Tesla

  2. Marcos says:

    Found 8 of them, have a guess for 2 more. Though #6 and #12 are confusing – I don’t know which of them is Ms. H.

  3. chay says:

    They each have a prop to give you a clue as to who they are, if you look very closely :)

  4. David says:

    1 Archimedes

    2 Isaac Newton

    3 Marie Curie

    4 Charles Darwin

    5 Tycho Brahe



    8 Lise Meitner?

    9 Florence Nightingale?

    10 Alan Turing

    11 Dimitri Mendeleev

    12 Hypatia

    13 Erwin Schrödinger

    14 Nikola Tesla


    16 Louis Pasteur

  5. stripofil says:

    1 Archimedes
    2 Isaac Newton
    3 Marie Curie
    4 Charles Darwin
    5 Tycho Brahe
    6 Emmy Noether
    7 Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi
    8 Rosalind Franklin
    9 Florence Nightingale
    10 Alan Turing
    11 Dmitri Mendeleev
    12 Hypatia
    13 Erwin Schrödinger
    14 Nikola Tesla
    15 Alice Wilson
    16 Louis Pasteur

  6. josi says:

    12- Tales de Mileto
    10- thomas edison
    3- marie curie
    1- aristóteles
    7- Galileu Galilei
    2- Isaac Newton

  7. josi says:

    6- hipátia

  8. Martin says:

    2. Sir Isaac Newton
    3. Madam Curie
    4. Sigmund Freud
    5. Shakespeare (¿?)
    6. Hypathia (¿?)
    7. Al Jaber (¿?)
    9. Florence Nightingale
    11. Marx (¿?)
    13. Schrodinger
    16. Louis Pasteur

  9. Anabella says:

    1 Archimedes
    2 Isaac Newton
    3 Marie Curie
    4 Charles Darwin
    5 Kepler (?)
    6 Ada Lovelace
    7 Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi
    8 Rosalind Franklin
    9 Florence Nightingale
    11 Dmitri Mendeleev
    12 Hypatia
    13 Erwin Schrödinger
    14 Nikola Tesla
    16 Louis Pasteur

  10. Mike McC. says:

    Very cute and clever!

    I figure I know 9 with good guesses for another 4. Would it be bad form of me to list my answers? I will, but I’ll use ROT-13 encoding to prevent ruining this for others:

    1. Nepuvzrqrf (jvgu ongugho ehoore qhpxl)
    2. Fve Vfnnp Arjgba (jvgu snyyvat nccyr)
    3. Znevr Phevr (enqvbnpgvir tybj)
    4. Qnejva (Qnejva svfu cva)
    8. Ebfryvaq Senaxyva (jvgu k-enl pelfgnyybtencul cubgb bs QAN fgehpgher)
    9. Syberapr Avtugvatnyr (ahefr – ynql jvgu gur ynzc)
    13. Rejva Fpuebqvatre (qrnq/nyvir png va gur obk)
    14. Avppbyn Grfyn (onqtr ernqf ‘NP abg QP’)
    16. Ybhvf Cnfgrhe (jvgu obggyrf bs zvyx)
    5. Glpub Oenur (zrgny abfr – ybfg va qhry) -be-
    Fve Senapvf Qenxr (qrre ubeaf ers. gb uvf fuvc “Gur Uvaq”, qerff fglyr vf evtug)
    7. Voa Ongghgn(fc?)(nxn Nibpren(fc?)) (neno geniryyre/zngurzngvpvna)
    10. N.Ghevat (ovggra nccyr, znlor gung’f ubj ur pbzzvggrq fhvpvqr)
    12. Cyval (Ryqre?/Lbhatre?)(jvgu fpebyy)
    6. (female, ancient greek(?) style dress, something hanging from belt)
    11. (older man, full grey beard, 20th cen. dress, paper in pocket)
    15. (female, 19th cen. dress, holding bucket/basket with tool)

  11. chay says:

    Most of the ones you have guessed are correct :)

    I’ll link to the answers this evening :)

  12. Castorniventre says:

    1- Archimede
    2- Newton
    3 – Marie Curie
    4- Darwin
    5- Tycho Brahé
    6- Ada Lovelace
    7- Pythagore
    8- Rosalind Franklin
    9- Florence Nightingale
    10- Alan Turing
    11- Mendeleiev
    12- Hypathia
    13- Schrödinger
    14- Nicolas Tesla
    15- Mary Anning
    16- Pasteur

  13. Elodie says:

    I think n.15 is Mary Anning

  14. chay says:

    answers are now up if you click the link on this page (just below the image)

  15. josi says:

    1- Archimedes
    2- Sir Isaac Newton
    3- Marie Curie
    4- Charles Darwin
    5- Tycho Brahe
    7- Galileu Galilei
    8- Rosalind Franklin
    9-Florence Nightingale?
    10-Thomas Edison
    11- Dmitri Mendeleev
    12- Thales de Mileto
    13- Erwin Schrodinger
    14- Nikola Tesla
    16-Louis Pasteur

  16. robert says:

    They’re all white save the 7th dude.

  17. chay says:

    You are correct of course Robert. The lack of non white characters is partly my own ignorance of the full gamut of history’s scientists and the fact that my UK education put more emphasis on western science and history. I also felt that to give the quiz broad appeal and to make sure that everyone could get at least a few of the answers right, it made senxe to mainly focus on the famous names, although I also included a few lesser known (but no less worthy) names! Interestingly the female scientists and #7 are the ones that most people had trouble identifying; those that clicked through from the answers to their wiki entries mainly clicked on those particular scientists to find out more about them (which was what I was hoping for!)

    I think the other key reason that they are mainly white (and mostly male) is to do with the incredible advantage that being white and male (and not poor) has had over the centuries in terms of the opportunities that have been available because of their sex, relative wealth and their country/continent of birth. It’s also interesting to note that some of the female (and male – Tycho especially) scientists featured were the children of the rich and powerful, giving them opportunities to learn and become scientists, opportunities that weren’t available to a lot of people at the time.

    If I do a second quiz at some point I will of course take your comment on board and try to add a few more non-white characters.

    Cheers, Chay :)

  18. Susan in PDX says:

    Chay, I love your response in #20. Thank you for seeking out those whom history has ellided and bringing them into focus! Please do do another round with some more lesser-known yet deserving scientific figures.

    And if you can convince a toy mfr to produce this line of figurines I’d be first in line for the entire set!

  19. Andrea says:

    the idea is wonderful…the drawing is excellent.
    but: too many unknown british dudes!
    congrats anyway…a very funny way to learn stuff!

  20. John says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Second the figurine idea. Kickstarter?

  21. marvin says:

    1. Archimedes of Syracuse (Rubber Duck)
    2. Isaac Newton (Falling Apple)
    3. Marie Curie (Radioactive Glow)
    4. Charles Darwin (Darwin Fish)
    5. Tycho Brahe (Metal Nose & Moose/Elk Antlers)
    6. Ada Lovelace (Computer Punch Cards)
    7. Alhazen (Pair of Compasses)
    8. Rosalind Franklin (DNA X-Ray Crystallography)
    9. Florence Nightingale (Lamp)
    10. Alan Turing (Poisoned Apple that Possibly Killed Him)
    11. Dmitri Mendeleev (Periodic Table in Pocket)
    12. Hypatia (Scroll)
    13. Erwin Schrödinger (Cat In A Box Thought Experiment)
    14. Nikola Tesla (AC DC Badge/Button)
    15. Mary Anning (Fossil Hammer and Basket)
    16. Louis Pasteur (Pasteurised Milk)

  22. marvin says:

    1. Archimedes of Syracuse
    2. Isaac Newton
    3. Marie Curie
    4. Charles Darwin
    5. Tycho Brahe
    6. Ada Lovelace
    7. Alhazen
    8. Rosalind Franklin
    9. Florence Nightingale
    10. Alan Turing
    11. Dmitri Mendeleev
    12. Hypatia
    13. Erwin Schrödinger
    14. Nikola Tesla
    15. Mary Anning
    16. Louis Pasteur

  23. Yi Jen Chang says:

    Really interesting! ;)

  24. Baby says:


  25. Louise says:

    Great work! they are so funny to guess, and the design is also adorable!
    I think it would be a great idea if you made one of plastic artists, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Andy Warhol :D it would be really funny too.
    Good luck with your other projects!

  26. chay says:

    I was thinking that artists would be a good theme, especially if I made each artist in their own style (the Van Gogh, Warhol and Dali ones would be especially fun!

  27. sarah says:

    this is great – I was thinking about ‘mocking up’ a Guess Who game and was looking for pictures. These are ideal.

    Let me know if you do anymore


  28. Liu says:

    Hi! it’s great! scientists enjoy it a lot :)
    just one question – why does #11 have Dm written on the table? Is it his initials? Or if you meant the element named by him, it should be Md.

  29. chay says:

    Hi Lui, happy that you enjoyed the quiz
    You are of course correct about the Md / Dm thing.
    Originally I just chose his initials, but then after finishing the quiz realised I should have used Md for the element name!
    The version I have for sale in my redbubble shop
    has the correct element initials!

    Thanks again!

  30. Elizabeth Chislett says:

    How much is this to buy?

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