Sixteen Scientists Quiz ANSWERS!

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Here are the identities of the scientists and links to their wikipedia entries if you want to find out more about them:
(The clue for each one is in brackets)

1. Archimedes of Syracuse (Rubber Duck)
2. Isaac Newton (Falling Apple)
3. Marie Curie (Radioactive Glow)
4. Charles Darwin (Darwin Fish)
5. Tycho Brahe (Metal Nose & Moose/Elk Antlers)
6. Ada Lovelace (Computer Punch Cards)
7. Alhazen (Pair of Compasses)
8. Rosalind Franklin (DNA X-Ray Crystallography)
9. Florence Nightingale (Lamp)
10. Alan Turing (Poisoned Apple that Possibly Killed Him)
11. Dmitri Mendeleev (Periodic Table in Pocket)
12. Hypatia (Scroll)
13. Erwin Schrödinger (Cat In A Box Thought Experiment)
14. Nikola Tesla (AC DC Badge/Button)
15. Mary Anning (Fossil Hammer and Basket)
16. Louis Pasteur (Pasteurised Milk)

I’ll work out the chronological order later for anyone that cares!

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26 Responses to “Sixteen Scientists Quiz ANSWERS!”

  1. Castorniventre says:

    Get all but Alhazen. i didnt knew him !
    Thank for your quizz, it was fun !

  2. Clairebell says:

    It took three of us and we missed 6-8. We thought they were Pythagoras, McClintock and Hypatia.

  3. karunesh says:

    This was really amazing and very interesting……………..

  4. Paul says:

    Couldn’t guess Lovelace, Franklin, Hypatia or Anning, and got Alhazen and Turing wrong. 10/16. :)

  5. Shoebutton says:

    Great quiz! And you have an amazing talent. Here is hoping for big things for you in the new year!

  6. Arthes says:

    Awesome! Got most of them, and just learned a little about the ones I missed–so thanks! Interesting, I thought Turing was Turing, but didn’t understand the apple with the bite out of it. My husband suggested maybe that was to represent computers, via the Apple logo. So we were right, but for the wrong reason!

  7. Got ten out of sixteen, put the name Hypatia on the wrong picture and I also guessed Barbara McClintock instead of Rosalind Franklin. Fun quiz, though.

  8. forestsprite says:

    If these were toys I would totally buy them. For me.

  9. oddball99 says:

    didnt get franklin anning (thought she was hodgkin)lovelace hypathia & turing.anyway really cool quiz

  10. kns3216 says:

    Loved this! Great job

  11. Ian Blackwell says:

    I couldn’t decide whether 8 was Rosalind Franklin or Dorothy Hodgkin who won the Nobel Prize for her work in X-ray Crystallography when she determined the structure of Vitamin B12 (she also determined the structures of Penicillin and insulin)

  12. willow says:

    would love the time line just cuz i am often lazy.. lol
    but toys would be great – you could sell them thru zany brainy type stores

  13. Jane says:

    Why Florence Nightingale but not Albert Einstein?

  14. kennypo65 says:

    I got 14/16. Great quiz, and very nice work. You should be proud, well done.

  15. GinsengVT says:

    This was great, a lot of fun. You should make scientist action figures! Thanks for making my brain work a little harder this morning.

  16. marvin says:

    i want to be part ofthem!!!

  17. It was excellent–pls post such quiz

  18. Sheila Balkissoon says:

    Great quiz! You are quite talented in photoshop obviously :) If the figures were real, I would definitely buy them. Loved the little clues for each scientist! So clever :)

  19. C Knight says:

    Where’s Einstein? Plato? Galileo? Da Vinci? I consider myself a scientist and wow I only got 2!

  20. Kate Scarlett says:

    Thanks for this great cartoon. I’ve been running a competition with my students for the past week (a chocolate frog in exchange for a correct answer) and they’re really loving it. A lot of the less engaged ones are spending hours googling to work out who everyone is.

  21. chay says:

    Thanks for the comment Kate, I’m really glad you and your students are enjoying the quiz. Makes me feel good that people are getting something out of it. :)

  22. archana says:

    it’s quite good.I enjoyed it a lot.I would recommend my friends to play this as this increases the memory power and useful for each person.Do give some more intresting puzzles like this.

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