Hollywood Hats 101


Hollywood Hats 101

The  image above depicts 101 hats from famous movies. (Click the image for a more detailed version)
Can you name the famous films and the characters that wore the hats?
For bonus points can you find hidden hat #101?

All comments (and any freelance enquiries) welcome!

17 Responses to “Hollywood Hats 101”

  1. Trike says:

    I think I can name about 75%. Some are maddeningly on the tip of my tongue. I’m guessing you’re a fan of both Jack Nicholson and Tom Hanks.

    Do you have a numbered key?

    My guesses: http://i33.tinypic.com/347bhh2.jpg

  2. chay says:

    You are right on most of those you’ve labelled.
    I’ll be putting up a key later in the week, when I get a chance :)

    The Avengers, Ginga Din, Meatballs are wrong but the others are spot on! :)
    If you got the Brian one (his skull cap is under the crown of thorns) then you should probably get the crown next to Carmen Miranda… ;)

  3. Clairebell says:

    Love these! I’ve crowd sourced with some of my geekier friends and I have had my hand slapped a couple times. This is humbling stuff. :)

  4. Trike says:

    I was iffy on the Steed thing, since the cane looked wrong. Now I get it; it’s a little… trampy. Smacking my head about the crown. If it’s not Meatballs, then I’m filled with both fear and loathing. ;)

    The green knit cap with the star is driving me crazy. I KNOW that one. But from where? Argh!

    Anyway, great picture. I voted it up. :)

  5. chay says:

    You are right on the “tramp” one. But the fear and loathing one is still incorrect. It’s a tough one, think Bill Murray.
    Also that star isn’t a star… (although to be fair, which I’m not, it does seem to project itself as such, due to the small image size)
    Thanks for the support :)

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  7. James Pacheco says:

    Lincoln, Sister Act, Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Crocodile Dundee, Cat in the Hat, RoboCop, Elf, Dick Tracy & Charlie Chaplan

  8. Sn0zz says:

    I can spot an additional culinary rodent, two tiny toy hats, a nice mess we’ve gotten ourselves into, a pale Arab, a balloon-pestered boyscout, a party time (excellent!) and an aviary nanny. Those I’m pretty sure of. A lot of the other ones have either been guessed or I’m not too sure.
    I wouldn’t have thought there were so many iconic movie hats. Very nice job!

  9. chay says:

    Spot on! :)

  10. Sn0zz says:

    And more seeping through.. The hints help. :) The ‘star’ is pretty scary, the meatballs are a hole in one.
    I could puzzle on this all day…

  11. chay says:

    correct again!

    Nobody has spotted the secret 101st hat yet though :)

  12. Sn0zz says:

    I’m curious about that one..

  13. Sn0zz says:

    Hah. I know the secret hat now. But to be fair, you gave the answer yourself. The source of (part of) your inspiration gave it away. ;)
    It’s reeeally hard to spot though. Can’t wait to see the complete key!

  14. asandarae says:

    Three musketeers, snow white, 7 dorfs, toy story, ratatouille, Caddyshack…

  15. Mike McC. says:

    Again, another v.interesting challenge, Thanks!

    Can’t list all my answers (too many), but here are some that haven’t been mentioned so far (from the top, in ROT-13 format):

    Cvabppuvb, Wbr Sevqnl/Qentarg, Ubyyl Tbyvtugyl, Qnf Obbg fho pncgnva, zbhfr srm sebz Gbz & Wreel zbivr, Ebova Ubbq (znlor Zra Va Gvtugf irefvba), I sbe Iratrapr, Cbcrlr Qblyr, Anmv bssvpre’f pnc (creuncf Inyxlevr), Ovyy Zheenl va Pnqqlfunpx, cbyvpr bssvpref ung (creuncf Cbyvpr Npnqnzl zbivrf) Guerr Nzvtbf, Wvzval Pevpxrg, Vafcrpgbe Pybhfrnh, Zvpunry Pnvar va Mhyh, Serapu bssvpre’f Xrcv (creuncf Ornh Trfgr be erznxr/cnebql), Gubzcfba/Gubzfba sebz Gvagva, Bssvpre & Tragyrzna qevyy ftg’f, naq Fpneyrgg B’Unen

    And the bonus 101st hat is:

    …gur fvyubhrggr bs ongzna’f pbjy va gur ‘z’ bs ‘.pbz’ va gur onpxtebhaq!

  16. chay says:

    @Mike McC

    Wbr Sevqnl/Qentarg, zbhfr srm sebz Gbz & Wreel zbivr, I sbe Iratrapr, (creuncf Inyxlevr), (creuncf Cbyvpr Npnqnzl zbivrf) (creuncf Ornh Trfgr be erznxr/cnebql), Gubzcfba/Gubzfba sebz Gvagva, Bssvpre & Tragyrzna

    are all wrong (or at least they aren’t what I intended, even if the hats match the films you think they do!)

    and your guess for the hidden hat 101 is also wrong – it’s within one of the other hats and you need to google a particular hat in order to see it for yourself! :D

    but good guesses apart from that!

  17. Sn0zz says:

    Ok, so here is my list (SPOILERS):

    The rest are either too generic for me (cowboy hats) or I just don’t know. :)

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